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Department of Computer Engineering and Control Systems is graduating. The Department provides education for two forms of education: full-time and correspondence.

Education at the department is on three specialties:

-- 09.03.01 - "Computer Science";

-- 09.03.03 - "Applied computer science";

-- 27.03.04 - "Control in technical systems".

Upon completion of the basic course, students can continue their education in graduate and doctoral studies.

During the course students are actively involved in research activities: conferences at various levels, All-Russian Olympiads and competitions, publish articles in leading Russian and foreign journals.

Modern material base allows students to learn the most advanced technologies in the field of computing. The training process uses the new stands and instrumentation for laboratory circuitry and microprocessor systems, computers with multi-core processors, powerful servers and workstations; specialized licensed software world's leading companies. For the convenience of students lectures and workshops are held in classrooms equipped with modern means of multimedia. The department operates computer labs with access to the university network, and a network of Internet, lecture halls.

Open educational laboratory network technology, equipped with the equipment of the company D-Link and Cisco. The department is a member of Microsoft Academy, which gives the ability to continuously acquire new software products and use them actively in the learning process.

At the department there is a "European Centre of microelectronic design and learning", the company's laboratory «Intel». The Department is actively cooperating with the departments of other universities, not only in Russia but also abroad. Students can undergo training in leading universities of the world.